“We can walk onto any wind project and do any job; we own the tools, we have the knowledge, we’ve earned the experience”
Jason Van Geel, President and General Manager, Carlsun

A general contracting and technical services partner that both European and North American firms depend upon.

Carlsun possesses

  • technical aptitude
  • construction equipment and rigging
  • specialized competence
  • onsite expertise
  • low cost - high quality performance
  • safe and professional team players

Carlsun Energy Solutions Inc. began in 2005 as a project management company in the wind power sector.  Since then, Carlsun has grown into a construction management, technical supervision and general contracting company committed to providing professional services to the renewable energy sector.

Energy companies developing wind projects in Canada, know Carlsun; wind turbine original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) selling product in North America, know Carlsun.

Carlsun has been on site for most of the wind projects in Ontario – and many across Canada.  Our work on each has varied, scaled to fit the size and location of each of the projects.

Scale is one of the competitive advantages of Carlsun.  Skilled and equipped, a Carlsun team can quickly mobilize, performing exactly the service our partners require.  We have a hands-on approach with engineering and construction skills, allowing us to provide project and construction management for some of the largest projects in Canada.  We are also self-sufficient and proficient, allowing us to execute smaller projects as a general contractor.

Our technicians have experience with the major equipment manufacturers such as Vestas, Enercon and GE.  We have developed a network of consultants and subcontractors who have both the compatible Carlsun values and the necessary experience in the wind industry.

Carlsun’s staff of approximately 40 employees is led by field supervisors who are typically engineers and engineering technicians.  Carlsun field personnel are typically electricians, millwrights, welders and heavy equipment mechanics, with the aptitude to ensure installations are performed in accordance with the equipment manufacturer’s specifications.

We are members of the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA), and Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA).