Carlsun’s core philosophy of “deliver solutions” has fostered a “can-do” approach at all levels of the organization
Environmental Responsibilty

Carlsun is committed to the environment and is continually implementing measures to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations, including investment in hybrid electric vehicles for our fleet and the purchase of renewable electricity for our facility.

Technical and Construction Solutions to the renewable energy sector

Carlsun's core philosophy of "deliver solutions" has fostered a "can-do" approach at all levels of the organization.

In team meetings, team input is expected.  Every member of the team contributes value to his or her phase of the project and ultimately to a successful outcome.  Carlsun team members are encouraged to problem-solve at every level.

Carlsun values safety and so do all of our people, we demonstrate this value by constantly updating safe work instructions specific to the wind industry. 

We are looking to apply our same skill sets to new technologies as opportunities present themselves.  Already we are developing our knowledge and abilities in solar power and hydrogen technologies.

Carlsun Future

Carlsun is committed to staying at the forefront of the emerging renewable energy sector.  Our firm is currently involved in other renewable energy options, including solar and hydrogen technology industries, and expanding our network of contacts among OEMs and energy companies in these sectors.

Carlsun is currently applying the same high standards of technical expertise, onsite safety and general contracting capabilities to these new fields.