Skilled and equipped, a Carlsun team can quickly mobilize, performing exactly the services our partners require

Carlsun provides high quality services to wind turbine Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) at a reasonable cost that can be mobilized quickly because we are:

  • self-sufficient owning all of the required tools and equipment
  • experienced reliable and knowledgeable field crews
Technical Services for OEMs
  • erection, mechanical and electrical completion
  • commissioning
  • logistics, handling and inspections
  • technical supervision of trades
  • project and construction management
  • man-basket work - blade and paint repair
  • component replacements rotor blades, gearboxes, generators
  • upgrades and retrofits
  • general maintenance support
  • long term storage maintenance

Carlsun owns a substantial inventory of tools and equipment to perform almost any task required in the wind industry, including rigging and handling equipment, hand tools, hydraulic and electric torque wrenches.